St. Louis Based Biotech Start-up Prevent-Plus Recognized as a 2021 Arch Grants Recipient

Arch Grants’ annual Startup Competition awards $50,000 and access to an ecosystem of resources, helping early-stage startups grow and scale in St. Louis.Arch Grants’ mission is to transform the economy in St. Louis by attracting and retaining extraordinary entrepreneurs.  

St. Louis, MO (October 1, 2021) – Prevent-Plus, a manufacturer and provider of an advanced liquid polymer, continues its growth trajectory by winning an Arch Grant through the prestigious 2021 Arch Grants annual Startup Competition. Prevent-Plus’ core team and flagship brands, Preventogen and DuraDerm SPORT, are seen to be the major drivers behind this success.

Brad Chartrand, CEO of Prevent-Plus, believes this award is an ideal partnership for accelerating global growth for the Preventogen/DuraDerm SPORT brands and the continued growth of the Arch Grants Program. “Since 2012, Arch Grants has awarded $10,570,000 in cash grants to early-stage businesses in St. Louis, creating over 2,347 jobs and generating over $479 million in revenue. We are excited to be part of the sustained growth of Arch Grants and to help attract other medical device companies to the St. Louis startup community.” 

“We could not be more excited to introduce the 2021 Arch Grants Cohort to this region,” said
Emily-Lohse Busch, Executive Director of Arch Grants. “These Founders are truly extraordinary and are eager to build their companies and their lives in St. Louis – and I know that St. Louis is just as eager to welcome their ideas and their solutions with open arms and open minds. With these new companies, Arch Grants has surpassed the 200-company mark, an important milestone in our drive to solidify St. Louis as a beacon for innovation in the country and throughout the world.”


Prevent-Plus manufactures and markets an advanced polymer in both Hospital and Retail markets. Our unique method of action provides a non-antibiotic approach to prevent infection and promote healing. The FDA-cleared liquid polymer actively kills microbes (bacteria, fungi and viruses) on contact, and then forms a flexible, organic, odorless and biodegradable barrier that protects the wound from harmful elements, such as water, dirt and germs. This flexible protective barrier also prevents oxygen from entering the wound, lowering the pH and creating an optimal healing environment. Our revolutionary technology is backed by strong scientific and clinical data and we are now exploring strategic partnerships and market expansion.