Clinically proven to prevent infection and promote healing

Clinically proven to optimize the healing environment

Preventogen is an effective adhesive and antimicrobial agent

"Preventogen expedites healing of wounds secondary to trauma and surgical procedures. It is easy to apply and well-tolerated, forming a transparent barrier that is functional by virtue of its antimicrobial and adhesive properties."
Dr. Perry Robins

Clinical study proves significant reduction in infection

Preventogen showed a statistically significant reduction in pin-tract infections

(P < 0.001)


n=60 pins


NO (0%) pin-tract infections

Control/standard of care

n=60 pins


14 (23%) pin-tract infections

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"Preventogen has greatly reduced the risk of infection for my patients. It's a key tool in the success of limb salvage procedures."

Peer review

In a meta-analysis of 150 peer reviewed clinical studies involving 6,130 patients undergoing external fixation, the cumulative pin track infection rate was