Post-Surgical Incisions FAQ’s and Instructions for Use

Application of Preventogen

The liquid solution should be applied to and around the incision, covering an area that extends at least one and a quarter inch. Additional layers may be applied as directed by the physician.


Does stinging occur?

Momentary stinging may occur.


How long does it take for the film to form?

The clear film forms in less than one minute. The area should be inspected to insure complete and continuous coverage of the incision and the surrounding area. Our recommendation is the apply product directly after bottle is opened. Polymerization takes place within a minute, as the killing agent methylene chloride begins to evaporate.


How often should I check the film covering?

The dry film covering should be inspected per the physician’s instructions.


How long will Preventogen stay in place?

Although the film itself remains intact under normal use. The edges may begin to slough or peel off in one to three days depending on external exposure such as soap and water, rubbing, etc.   



How do I remove Preventogen?

If it is desired to remove the film, it can be washed with soap and water and gently peeled off starting at the outer edges. Otherwise, the film will naturally peel off over time.


Is Preventogen sterile?

No, but laboratory testing has shown that it can’t be contaminated with microbes. 


How is Preventogen used in the surgical suite?

Because the product is a microbicidal it can be poured into a sterile   metal or glass container on the sterile field. It can then be applied with a sterile cotton tipped applicator to the closed incision.


The Preventogen bottle can’t be put into a plastic container.


Standard dressings may be applied following application of Preventogen. Dressing changes should continue per physician protocol.


Reminders for the physician and other caregivers:

  • For external skin use

  • Do not use on deep or infected wounds or puncture

  • Intentional inhaling of the contents may be harmful or

  • Use with adequate

  • Keep away from children, do not use near eyes, mouth, or

  • Avoid contact of the solution with clothes or finished

  • Do not store near heat or

  • In case of ingestion, obtain medical assistance

  • Bottle should be tightly capped after use to prevent evaporation of the