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Prevent-Plus announces the full US commercial launch of PREVENTOGEN in partnership with ARC Group Medical

The application of the PREVENTOGEN liquid polymer in pre-launch clinical studies has shown its effectiveness in dramatically reducing the rate of pin-tract infections related to external fixation procedures  

ST. LOUIS, MO / ACCESSWIRE / July 11, 2022 /  Prevent-Plus LLC, along with its exclusive US distribution partner ARC Group Medical, is proud to announce the launch of Preventogen™, a topical infection prevention polymer designed to provide clinicians with a more effective tool in the fight against surgical site infections and chronic wounds.


Preventogen™ is a non-antibiotic-based topical infection prevention polymer that is applied as a liquid where it actively kills bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact by lysing the cell membrane.  The liquid quickly dries, creating a hydrophobic, elastomeric film barrier on the skin to protect wounds and other skin-related conditions from outside pathogens.  The flexible film barrier prevents oxygen from entering the wound, thus stimulating vascular endothelial growth factors for healing. The carbon dioxide that is infused into Preventogen™ during the manufacturing process is released, lowering the pH of the wound bed to optimize the healing environment.

“Surgical site infections (SSIs) are among the most common healthcare-associated infections with an increase in morbidity, mortality and healthcare costs. Efforts in the prevention of SSIs start with the surgical site. We have applied Preventogen™, which provides a flexible and  durable cover to the surgical site, as part of our SSI infection prevention strategy after skin closure and are extremely pleased with preliminary results”

“The data continues to support that the observed clinical benefits provided by Preventogen™ can be a game-changing technology for overall patient and hospital infection prevention, reduction of SSIs and chronic wound healing,” said Brad Chartrand, CEO of Prevent-Plus.

“Preventogen™ lays down an impermeable barrier to bacteria, preventing Biofilm formation. We have found in our early clinical cases that chronic wounds thought not to be healable, now go on to heal. We see demand for this product growing exponentially as the number of patients with chronic wounds grows annually; Clinicians and Payers are always looking for ways to heal more wounds in less time”

“We’ve received incredible feedback from clinicians and our distribution partners during our pre-launch activities. With over 60 distribution partners across the US and growing to over 250 partners in the next 90 days, we expect a significant reduction in participating facilities’ SSI rates this year, confirming the effectiveness of Preventogen™,” said Tony Cancel, CEO of ARC Group Medical.Tony Cancel, CEO of ARC Group Medical. 

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Prevent-Plus, LLC. is a provider of innovative infection prevention polymer science used by professional healthcare providers and patients for wound care, infection prevention, and optimized healing across a wide range of clinical applications and specialties.