Instructions for use

Intended Use and Product Description: Preventogen is indicated for providing a protective covering over minor wounds and scrapes that are clean and dry. It provides an organic, clear, elastomeric, flexible, water resistant, non-odorous film for covering minor wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns and scrapes. The film protects the wound against water, dirt and germs and is not intended as a treatment or cure for all types of wounds. The elastomeric properties of the film help protect in body regions where flexing, bending and skin creasing occurs.

Preparation: Wound and surrounding skin should be clean and dry. The area should be free of creams, lotions, or ointments, before applying the liquid solution.

Application: The liquid solution should be applied on and around the wound, extending beyond it’s edges. Momentary stinging may occur due to Preventogen eradicating any microorganisms and the clear film forms in under 30 seconds. The film will remain intact for one to three days depending on location and use of the area. Additional layers may be applied. To remove the film, wash the area with soap and water and gently peel off.

Caution: For external skin use only. Do not use on deep or infected wounds or puncture wounds. Contact a physician for deep, puncture or infected wounds, animal bites, redness, swelling or pain. Keep away from children and do not use near eyes, mouth or nose. In case of ingestion, obtain medical assistance immediately.

Ingredients: Organic polymer in methylene chloride
organic solvent

Contents: 1.4mL disposable plastic ampoule with cotton filter application system